Earthsight is a non-profit organisation that uses in-depth investigations to expose environmental and social crime, injustice and the links to global consumption.

We believe in the unique power of primary investigative research and reporting to bring attention to pressing issues of human rights and environmental justice. We seek to harness this power both by carrying out investigations and helping others to conduct their own.

We aim to get to the core of an issue, using a range of investigative research methods to obtain first-hand, documented evidence of crimes against both people and the planet which is irrefutable and impossible to ignore. By following the money and tracing supply chains, our research also aims to expose the complicity of consumers and financiers in abetting these abuses.

Our History

Since its foundation in 2007, Earthsight has tackled a wide range of issues, from electronic waste smuggling to conflict timber, and from sweatshops to the illegal palm oil trade. The results of Earthsight’s research, identifying abuses and tracking the associated products to their end markets, have received high-profile attention in the media and among policy-makers, and have led to changes in the policies of governments, corporations and financial institutions.

For the first ten years of its existence, Earthsight operated mainly behind the scenes. Our research lay behind many major exposés by human rights and environment organisations. It also contributed to reports carried on flagship investigative TV documentary series. Since 2016, we have come out from the shadows, choosing our own stories and publishing them in our own name.


The global trade in timber and agri-commodities is destroying the world’s forests and leaving communities at the mercy of big business. Our deep-dive investigations expose these injustices and call out the rogue actors linked to environmental destruction.

From investigating the corrupt land deals underpinning Indonesia’s palm oil sector to exposing the illegal timber trade thriving in Ukraine, you can read all our latest investigations here.


Our investigations are complimented by dedicated projects on the illicit timber trade and the illegal destruction of forests for agri-commodities.

Illegal Deforestation Monitor scrutinises the unlawful conversion of forests for agribusiness around the globe.


The inside scoop on suspect wood, Timberleaks shines a spotlight on dodgy timber traders and supply chains.


Timber Investigation Centre

A guidebook to help activists and communities on the forest frontlines to investigate illegal logging and trade.


How We Are Funded

Our funding comes from charitable foundations and non-profits. We are an independent organisation and our work is not influenced by government or private sector interests. We do not accept funding from businesses. For a list of our past and present funders, click here.

Job Opportunities

We currently are not recruiting for any roles or internships

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