Helping activists and communities investigate illegal logging & trade

The Timber Investigation Centre is dedicated to improving the ability of civil society to monitor illegal logging and deforestation, track illegal wood through international supply chains, and use the information obtained to best effect.

It has a particular focus on helping communities and activists in forested countries harness the power of consumer country laws meant to prevent illegal wood reaching end markets.

At its core is a Guidebook that provides detailed information and instruction on how to carry out such investigations. The Guidebook outlines the cutting-edge techniques for investigating illegal logging at source and tracking illegal wood to end markets and provides advice on how best to use the evidence collected.

There are several Case Studies that demonstrate how investigations have been carried out by NGOs in the recent past, at various stages of the supply chain, to great effect. Here you will find a range of Resources, including analysis of the applicability of new technologies to these investigations, and contact information for enforcement officials who can act on solid intelligence.

Timber Investigation Centre is available in French, Spanish and Indonesian and can be accessed via the drop-down icon in the top right-hand corner of this page. 

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