The Fixers - Trailer


How a failing US law allowed a Brazilian flooring giant to flood the country with millions of dollars of suspect wood

From the unique Atlantic Forest to the Amazon, Earthsight and Mongabay's year-long investigation reveals how exotic wood flooring linked to illegal logging, from a firm embroiled in multiple corruption cases in Brazilian courts, has been pouring into the US over the last five years.

We detail how Indusparquet is charged with using fixers to illegally grease the wheels of its timber supply chains, how it has sourced wood from indigenous lands and from suppliers fined millions for illegal practices to make its products. The Brazilian firm's flooring has been sold by retailers all over the US, including major home store chains. One US firm was able to buy suspect wood despite having its purchases closely monitored by US authorities.

The findings show a US law meant to prevent imports of stolen wood is failing and highlight the urgent need for further action to halt imports of 'forest risk commodities' from countries like Brazil

Watch the report's trailer below. The full report can be read in English and Portuguese.

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