An Earthsight response to Paraguay's environment ministry

12.11.2020 Statement follows MADES response to our publication of whistleblower accounts from the ministry

Inside Paraguay's environment ministry: Karen's story

11.11.2020 A former employee speaks out about the culture of corruption that pervades the ministry

Fires detected in Paraguay farms linked to BMW and JLR leather supply

21.10.2020 National emergency declared after devastating blazes sweep the Chaco  

Grand Theft Chaco: The luxury cars made with leather from the stolen lands of an uncontacted tribe

30.09.2020 A new Earthsight investigation links the illegal clearance of South American forest inhabited by one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes with some of Europe’s biggest car brands

Deforestation in the Chaco spikes in the wake of “illegal” presidential decree stripping back environmental safeguards

31.01.2018 Satellite imagery points to an increase last October after Paraguay’s president issued a potentially illegal decree allowing cattle ranchers to evade restrictions 

“Illegal” decree strips protection from forest area size of Belgium, used by Paraguayan President to authorise clearance on own ranch

30.10.2017 The President of Paraguay issued a potentially illegal decree freeing cattle ranchers to accelerate the already catastrophically high rate of deforestation in the country’s Chaco region

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