Global brands’ zero-deforestation pledges prove hollow as 50 million hectares of forest vanish

12.06.2019 An area twice the size of the UK has been cleared for agribusiness globally since 2010 as illegal cultivation practices of multinational firms add to forest destruction

As EU demand for its cocoa surges, illegal deforestation threatens to destroy 'critical forest corridor' in Nigeria

31.05.2019 Afi River Forest Reserve is losing 'large tracts' of primary forest believed to be a result of illegal land clearing for cocoa cultivation

EU needs new laws to ban global deforestation in product supply chains

23.05.2019 Respondents surveyed in 25 countries believe EU should introduce laws to outlaw goods being sold that harm the environment and the result of deforestation

Not a single company on track to meet 2020 zero-deforestation deadline

27.03.2019 Forest 500 report shows no palm oil, soy, cattle or timber firm that committed to eliminate deforestation from supply chains by 2020 will meet that goal

EU urged to regulate to stem deforestation in cocoa industry

13.07.2018 MEPs and NGOs urged the European Union to regulate to stem deforestation in the cocoa industry after the failure of voluntary measures

Are US investors aware of the legal risks of forest crimes?

12.07.2018 Climate Advisers examine the potential for investors in the US to be prosecuted for forest crimes that took place in other jurisdictions

Illegal deforestation hit big ag firms where it hurt – in the pocket

22.12.2017 A new analysis of three major agricultural firms implicated in illegal deforestation reveals how it affected profitability and huge losses for investors

Ghana’s outdated forestry laws allow deforestation for ag with impunity, study finds

04.10.2017 Ghana lost 75% of its forest cover between 1900 and 2010, and 2% of its forests continue to disappear every year

Climate policy expert calls on EU to act on “imported deforestation”

28.09.2017 The former head of UN climate negotiations uses Brussels speech to demand the EU acts to stop imports driving global deforestation

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