Karuturi Global’s Ethiopia return stokes fears of deforestation and evictions

27.06.2019 Indian firm gets green light for agribusiness plantations with new land deal, but NGOs believe move will cause forest destruction and displacement of local communities

Groups warn Bolsonaro seeks to turn indigenous people into slave labour for big ag

18.03.2019 Since coming to power, President Jair Bolsonaro has taken controversial steps to undermine environmental and indigenous protections

A quarter of Brazil’s new congress tainted by campaign donations from illegal deforesters

04.03.2019 A new Repórter Brasil investigations finds illegal land clearers and parties linked to slave labour backed congress members

A Roadmap to Failure

07.02.2019 Why the EU’s action plan on deforestation must be beefed up to be effective

Corruption and land trafficking in Peru’s Ucayali leading to deforestation for rice and palm

18.01.2019 Local officials in the Amazon region arrested over links to land trafficking and illicit plantation deals 

Brazilian Amazon hit by worst deforestation rate in a decade

06.12.2018 Between August 2017 and July 2018, 7,900 square kilometres of native forest were lost mostly to illegal logging and agricultural expansion

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