Norwegian wealth fund divests from Alicorp over palm oil-linked destruction in Peruvian Amazon

10.03.2020 Alicorp purchased palm oil from the Ocho Sur plantation where a reported 7,000ha of forest was destroyed and indigenous communities displaced

Prosecutor targets ‘ringleader’ Dennis Melka in Peru cacao case

19.08.2019 It comes after staff at Melka firm sentenced for links to illegal deforestation

Global brands’ zero-deforestation pledges prove hollow as 50 million hectares of forest vanish

12.06.2019 An area twice the size of the UK has been cleared for agribusiness globally since 2010 as illegal cultivation practices of multinational firms add to forest destruction

Governor and businessmen in Colombia accused of land grabbing and illegal deforestation

08.05.2019 Business connections of Guaviare governor Nebio Echeverry Cadavid alleged to be behind displacement of locals and illegal oil palm cultivation

One of Brazil’s most important river basins under pressure from illegal cattle ranching, soy plantations and mining

31.10.2018 Increasing levels of deforestation in the Xingu river basin in states of Pará and Mato Grosso connected to cattle ranching, soy plantations and gold mining

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