Authorities launch crackdown in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest after recent historical highs of forest loss

31.10.2018 Ibama and public prosecutors’ offices in 15 states suspend operations of plantations and issue millions of dollars in fines after deforestation reached record levels 

Global markets help sustain political power of agribusiness lobby in Brazil’s congress

25.09.2018 A damning report by Amazon Watch has shed light on the commercial links between European and US companies and agribusinesses in Brazil connected to illegalities

Major ag traders fined for buying grain from illegally deforested land in Cerrado

24.07.2018 Cargill and Bunge, along with other traders and farmers fined $29m by Brazilian authorities for buying grain from illegally deforested areas in the Cerrado

Ivy League investment in Brazilian ag mired in allegations of land grabbing and illegal deforestation

29.03.2018 Harvard’s endowment fund invested in a vast farm plagued by allegations of illegal deforestation and violent expulsion of small-scale farmers

Brazil Supreme Court ruling upholds amnesty to illegal deforesters as cash from bad ag flushes into the coffers of congressmen

28.03.2018 STF permits several controversial revisions to the Forest Code that will greenwash illegal deforestation

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