The Coming Storm: Toxic mix of dodgy firms, impunity and collusion threaten Congo's rainforests

12.03.2018 Earthsight report released today documents the destruction of the forests of the Congo Basin for industrial palm oil and rubber plantations

Illegal clearance under the guise of old projects, as opacity reigns in DRC

12.03.2018 While no major green-field projects are known to have broken ground, our research indicates that illegal clearance of natural forest is occurring under the guise of projects to re-develop abandoned plantations

Hypocrisy and friends in high places in the Republic of Congo

12.03.2018 In an extract from The Coming Storm report, we explore how The Republic of Congo government’s stated aims to reduce deforestation contrast starkly with what is happening on the ground

French firms continue to import high-risk logs from Africa

19.10.2017 Evidence compiled by Earthsight reveals that French companies are importing logs from dictatorships, conflict states and some of the most controversial logging companies

Swiss banks bankrolling illegal deforestation in Africa and East Asia

24.03.2017 Report exposed links between country's banks and some of world’s largest palm oil firms

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