We are at a pivotal moment in the fight to tackle our addiction to the products of forest destruction

20.05.2021 A defining six months ahead to curb tropical deforestation crisis 

How land grabbers weaponise indigenous ritual against Papuans

28.03.2019 An interview with anthropologist Sophie Chao discussing how plantation firms influence and exploit indigenous communities

Does Indonesia’s storied anti-graft agency have a blind spot for corrupt land deals?

21.08.2018 Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission is perhaps the most trusted institution in a country plagued with graft. But the KPK, as it is known, has prosecuted only a handful of cases in the plantation sector

How corrupt elections fuel the sell-off of Indonesia’s natural resources

07.07.2018 Corrupt sell-offs by politicians, often to raise money for political campaigns, are driving deforestation and land rights abuses

It’s time to confront the collusion between the palm oil industry and politicians that is driving Indonesia’s deforestation crisis

18.04.2018 An investigation released today by Mongabay and Earthsight’s The Gecko Project reveals connections between global palm oil industry and corruption of Indonesian democracy

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