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Cambodian government awards sawmill license to ag firm operating in protected area

14.02.2017 Lim Royal linked to forestry crimes as recently as last year, with an earlier government report claiming that 264 cubic metres of illegal timber previously seized on its land 

False documents facilitate illegal sale of land in Brazilian indigenous reserve

13.02.2017 Deforestation of a reserve in Rondonia has intensified after false documents were allegedly drawn up to illegally sell off land

Greenpeace denounces amnesty to illegal cattle ranchers in Brazil’s Jamanxim National Forest

31.01.2017 Since interim measure passed to reduce size of forest, more than 750,000 hectares of land has been cleared

Greenpeace uncovers illegal deforestation of more than 40,000 hectares of protected forests in Argentina

27.01.2017 Satellite image analysis points to widespread forest loss in several states believed to be for soy and fruit cultivation

Illegal agricultural plantations driving disappearance of ‘Intact Forest Landscapes’ worldwide

26.01.2017 More than 7 per cent of the area of these uniquely valuable ‘untouched’ forests were degraded or cleared between 2001 and 2013

Illegal operations common feature of palm oil-driven conflicts

20.12.2016 Conflicts between communities and companies and between communities and the government, have proliferated across areas of Indonesia targeted for plantations

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